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Injured in a car accident? See a doctor!

You've just been in a car accident. Some jerk wasn't paying attention and rear-ended your car. When the shock wears off and you gather your wits, you think you are ok. You feel a little stiff or a little sore, but that's common right? There's nothing that wrong. Besides, seeing a doctor or riding in the ambulance is expensive. Why spend all that money to prove what you already know?

Reaching a settlement with your insurance provider

If you've been in a serious accident where your car was totaled or you suffered an injury, the accident is just the first in a series of challenges. Insurance companies are notorious for questioning claims and offering low settlements. What should you do if you don't like their offer?

Cell Phones Can Cause Major Auto Accidents and Deadly Collisions

The lawyers of McDonald At Law are proud to serve people in and around Lancaster, helping them receive just compensation following serious injuries. This kind of legal representation is particularly important to have following serious car accidents that result in lasting injury and death.

The Complexities of Rear End Auto Accident Cases

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as an "easy" auto accident case. Especially when big insurance companies get involved, personal injury cases arising from catastrophic auto accidents tend always to be complex, with many factors that can influence the success or the failure of the case on both sides. People who are injured in auto accidents caused by someone else's negligence get only one bite at the apple, so to speak; that is, they have only one opportunity to seek and collect damages for the losses and expenses they sustain due to injuries suffered in the accident. If their attorneys are unable to present the strongest cases possible on their behalf, unless there was a clear and demonstrable miscarriage of justice, they are simply out of luck.

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