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When your teen is a passenger in a car crash: What can you do?

In a recent blog post, we discussed how car accidents were still the leading cause of death for teenagers and how parents could help their teens become safer drivers. But what about when teenagers are the passenger of a reckless driver?

Are crash test dummies failing women?

We have all seen the videos of vehicles hurtling towards a wall during a crash test and watched the crash test dummies jolt forward and hit the airbags. These videos are jarring, but they also give us some level of comfort. After all, the videos show auto manufacturers taking precautions to ensure that drivers and passengers alike are safe in their vehicles.

Misconceptions of driving technologies could increase accidents

By now, we have all seen the car commercials that portray something distracting the driver. Then, the advanced technology within the vehicle alerts the distracted driver to a hazard they do not see, such as the stopped car in front of them.

Emphasis on motorcycle safety should last more than a month

The month of May was National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. While it can be effective to dedicate that time to increase motorcycle safety, it is essential that all drivers and motorcyclists continue to do so even after that month is over.

Pennsylvania rear-end motor vehicle accidents a real threat

On Sunday morning, April 28, an elderly Chambersburg woman died while a passenger in a car waiting to turn left into a church parking lot in Antrim Township in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The Ford Focus was struck from behind by a Honda Accord, which pushed the Focus into the other lane. It then collided head-on into a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Punitive damages in a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident

When a motorist drives negligently or recklessly and causes an accident that harms others, the driver is legally responsible for compensation for the victims’ resulting losses. Compensatory damages could include several different categories of physical, material, psychological and financial losses.

Motor vehicle accidents: Whiplash is no joke

People tend to downplay the seriousness of whiplash. Asked if they want to go to the emergency room after a car crash, a passenger all too often refuses treatment because its “only a little whiplash.” In the age-old joke, a lawyer exaggerates the client’s whiplash.

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