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Look out for the signs of drowsy driving

Almost every driver on Pennsylvania roads has gotten behind the wheel when they were probably too tired to drive. Whether it was when they came home from a late event or had to wake up too early to get to the airport, many people admit to driving drowsy. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that roughly 1 in 25 people fall asleep behind the wheel each month.

When your teen is a passenger in a car crash: What can you do?

In a recent blog post, we discussed how car accidents were still the leading cause of death for teenagers and how parents could help their teens become safer drivers. But what about when teenagers are the passenger of a reckless driver?

Are crash test dummies failing women?

We have all seen the videos of vehicles hurtling towards a wall during a crash test and watched the crash test dummies jolt forward and hit the airbags. These videos are jarring, but they also give us some level of comfort. After all, the videos show auto manufacturers taking precautions to ensure that drivers and passengers alike are safe in their vehicles.

Misconceptions of driving technologies could increase accidents

By now, we have all seen the car commercials that portray something distracting the driver. Then, the advanced technology within the vehicle alerts the distracted driver to a hazard they do not see, such as the stopped car in front of them.

Emphasis on motorcycle safety should last more than a month

The month of May was National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. While it can be effective to dedicate that time to increase motorcycle safety, it is essential that all drivers and motorcyclists continue to do so even after that month is over.

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