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McDonald At Law

The Nationally Board Certified Specialist
Personal Injury

Talk to an injury lawyer for FREE | Se Habla Español

Talk to an injury lawyer for FREE | Se Habla Español

McDonald At Law

The Nationally Board Certified Specialist
Personal Injury

Talk to an injury lawyer for FREE | Se Habla Español

Talk to an injury lawyer for FREE | Se Habla Español

When You expect maximum compensation, Rely On top representation

Hear What Our Former Clients Have To Say

“Highly Recommended! Is the epitome of an understatement when it comes to the firm of McDonald at Law!! Michael McDonald’s genuine pleasant, and empathetic demeanor masks his legal astuteness, and the level of aggressiveness he implements in pursuit of a victim’s right and the monetary compensation legally entitled to us. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the hands of an intoxicated driver in York County. In my case I suffered what I described as an atypical injury, Mr. McDonald offered to be my Lawyer immediately after explaining to him the events leading to and after being struck in turn causing me to have a heart attack, when another law firm seemed hesitant. McDonald at Law secured a sizable monetary compensation that not only met my expectation but exceeded it. Mr. McDonald’s wealth of experience, and legal prowess is priceless and never did he act as the case was beneath his practice. In the end my family and I were well compensated, but also felt justified. Thank you McDonald at Law!!”

-Miguel L.

“I was referred to Mike McDonald, and cannot say enough about him and his team. Mike’s experience and passion for his client’s needs shows thru as soon as you meet him. In this case, I had a back injury from an auto accident. The defendant’s insurance company wasn’t accepting full responsibility for the situation… Mike stayed very professional, kept me informed, and what helped the most, he kept my head in the game when I was ready to quit, just due to frustration at the situation. I’m so thankful I listened to him instead of giving in to the insurance company’s antics. The results far exceeded my expectations and the insurance companies offer by about 10X. Thank you again Mike, Alice, and Claire!”


“I highly recommend McDonald at Law. My personal experience with Matt has been amazing. High integrity, client focused, and incredibly knowledgeable. 5 stars!”

-Andy A.

“If you are in need of an outstanding personal injury attorney you can STOP looking now! McDonald at Law is the absolute best! Everyone is kind, knowledgeable and will put in the extra hard work it takes to get the job done right! I would give them 10 stars if it would let me!”

-Sabrina K.

“Mike is the ultimate professional. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he is hard working and will do his best for you. Lines of communication are always open. I would highly recommend him to serve your legal needs.”

-Ellen C.

“Michael McDonald is an awesome attorney. I put all my faith in his decision making and my experience was nothing but positive. I would recommend him to anyone who is in a position where they need representation. He is THE BEST so why settle for less.”

-Alex V.

“Back in 2014 I was injured didn’t know what to do but my wife suggested I call Mike McDonald at law I’m not going to say that I really believe in luck but I will say it was the greatest blessing of my entire life that I had the opportunity to pick the best lawyer in Pennsylvania and maybe all of America in Mike McDonald. I needed surgery and Mike came to my home just to make sure that I was OK personally, and he told me not to worry about anything but to just get well he really cares about people and that is something you can’t pay for. Mike’s firm was the most professional operation I have ever had the opportunity to witness…  All I can say is this if you’ve been injured and you need help there’s only one person that you should call and that’s McDonald at law. From my experience is that when I arrived at his office the first time I met a lawyer and when I left his office the last time I felt like I had a friend. For superior service and expert litigation, remember there’s only one number to call if you ever get hurt it’s McDonald at law.”

-Larry K.

“I was working as a temp on a job and got injured Mr. McDonald is the only personnel injury lawyer I spoke with who would represent me. He made sure all my workers compensation checks where on time and they correct amount he refused a quick settlement in my personnel injury case and continued to represent me till an adequate amount was reached he made sure i would be okay in the future if you’re looking for a personnel injury attorney this office is the only one i would recommend his entire staff are great people listen to what he tells you and let him do his thing you won’t have any disappointment.”

-William W.

“Mr. McDonald and his staff are compassionate and diligent in working to get you want you deserve for your injuries. I highly recommend McDonald At Law.”


“Mike McDonald is a tireless fighter for those injured through the negligence of others. His expertise and attention to the smallest of details is a testament to his devotion to those he represents. If you are injured through no fault of your own and seek someone who will put your best interests first and will go the extra mile for you making sure you are properly compensated, call McDonald At Law and ask for Mike McDonald. It will be the best call you’ll ever make. Mike represented me in a worker’s comp claim and gained me a more than reasonable settlement. His litigation skills in a court of law is second to none. He is a true professional and will work to assure you, you are properly represented and compensated. ”

-Vic S.

“Respectful. Polite McDonald At Law. Gets the job done. First class firm. You will fill very comfortable. Simply the best.”

-Barry S.

“I had the misfortune of being struck by a vehicle while helping a stranded motorist. From the moment I called McDonald at Law, I was treated with compassion and respect by everyone at his office. Mr. McDonald went above and beyond what was needed to help me. If I ever find myself in a position like before, I will call him again.”

-Steve Y.

“Michael and his assistants were extremely professional, polite and most of all honest. I would recommend them to anyone I’m thankful for all their help. God bless you all!!”

-Ladonna W.

“With my livelihood, lost & sudden peace of mind, lost, due to a PERSONAL INJURY, worse, due to the negligence of someone else, life quickly became confusing & awful – fast. Medical bill collection calls and letters & other legitimate organizations calling & harassing me, yet, I was severely injured at the fault of another. It was a personally terrible experience & it happens, I realize this. I will state that Atty. McDonald has a peaceful way…of making that personal situation, taken upon himself, as if…his own injury, so to speak. He proved himself very concerned about my well being. He absolutely is well aware of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, as citizens of a Commonwealth, in this United States.

I will say also, he gave my awful & frankly, terrible life changing experience the LEGAL ATTENTION…I felt, it deserved. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS LEGAL KNOW HOW, for your personal situation. An outstanding guidance, for certain & at your service.”

-T. F.

“I would highly recommend Mike McDonald and his team, they are who other attorneys refer clients to when the going gets tough!”

-A. R.

“Mr. McDonald and his staff are highly professional, dedicated and truly care about their clients and determined to get each and every one of them, the fair settlement, they deserve. I suggest them as your first and only choice to represent your injury concerns.”

-Stephanie R.

“Excellent lawyer and felt he was for me personally, not anything but my health and well being!!! Excellent, excellent lawyer! He’s a super lawyer for a reason!!! Amen.”

-Lee H.

“When I was first injured Mr. McDonald come to me and began to discuss my case after I was off the heavy pain medication he began to inform me in great detail what was going on he put everything in wording i could understand and continued to do so through my entire case he represented me when no one else would and won he’s the only attorney i would recommend to anyone dealing with a personnel injury he not just another attorney he fights hard and I consider him a friend.”


“…this guy is (a rare) certified trial lawyer, high ethics and an extraordinary lawyer.  Can’t get any better.”