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Bicycle accidents and traumatic brain injury in Pennsylvania

The Brain Injury Association of America observes Brain Injury Awareness Month annually throughout March. The theme this year is Change Your Mind, dedicated to empowerment and support of brain-injury victims and caregivers. At McDonald at Law in Lancaster, we advocate fiercely for our clients who have suffered brain injuries through the negligence of others, including those who have endured the aftereffects of bicycle accidents.

Just compensation for injury or death from a motorcycle accident

According to the Federal Highway Administration, while motorcycle travel is only 0.6 percent of vehicle movement on U.S. roads, motorcycle accidents result in over 14 percent of traffic deaths. It is not hard to believe, considering the vulnerability of the exposed human body to impact with other vehicles, standing objects and roads.

Substantial jump in Pennsylvania pedestrian deaths

The Governors Highway Safety Association has released its annual report that analyzes preliminary 2018 pedestrian accident data and the news is not positive for Pennsylvania. In fact, it is sobering and of great concern. Specifically, the number of pedestrians killed in the Keystone State increased a whopping 41 percent in the first six months of 2018 as compared with the same time period in 2017.

Truck accidents could cause serious burns. Be prepared.

Burn injuries from a crash are more common than it may seem. A single spark, leak or vehicle malfunction may be all it takes to cause a major hazard. Engine fires, explosions and other dangerous reactions can happen under certain circumstances – including in truck accidents.

Is a personal injury lawsuit for an accident worth the effort?

A motor vehicle collision can disrupt your life. It’s natural to want to move on as quickly as possible and return to normal life. However, the temptation to put the event in the past could be a mistake – especially if the other driver was at fault.

After a fatal car crash, who can sue on the passenger’s behalf?

Losing a loved one in a catastrophic collision is heartbreaking. While grieving, surviving spouses, parents, children and other relatives may wonder what exactly happened in the moments before impact. They might also be searching for justice and a way to support the loved one’s family in the wake of tragedy.

Just how distracted are Pennsylvania drivers?

Drivers know the rules: put the phone away and pay attention to the road. While many drivers are guilty of at least occasional inattentiveness, the risk for a crash increases with every unrelated thought. How far are local drivers willing to go with their distracted driving?

Blind spots on local buses endanger pedestrians

When it comes to buses and large trucks, the driver’s sight is key to safety. Unfortunately, large vehicles often have more blind spots than other vehicles. Due to their size and design, it may be harder for the drivers to respond to changes and avoid hazards at certain angles.

Navigating the confusion of multi-car pileup crashes

In some accidents, more than two parties are involved. Unfortunately, multiple drivers may be seriously injured due to a single driver’s fault. Multi-vehicle accidents can be highly destructive – and confusing – for the injured drivers, passengers or surviving family members.

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