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What makes a car safe?

While some people care more about looks and speed, for many people, their top priority by far when buying a new car is safety. You want peace of mind that you are not actively endangering yourself or your loved ones when you are on the roads.

With both distracted driving and drunk driving continuing to be a serious problem, and with more cars on the roads as the summer driving season gets ready to kick off, it’s essential to think about safety when making a new purchase. But with so many options available and so many different places to check out safety ratings, how do you choose?

Report: Pedestrian fatalities at 25-year high

There is no doubt that distracted driving continues to be a huge problem in the U.S. Whether it's on city streets, rural highways or interstates, drivers continue to fail to put down their phones. A new report out shows that our addiction to screen time continues to have deadly consequences for pedestrians.

According to the report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, there were nearly 6,000 pedestrians killed across the United States in 2017. While that's not much different from 2016's numbers, the last two years represent a 25-year high in pedestrian deaths across the country.

How social media can harm your personal injury claim

If you have a hard time staying off social media, you are not alone. Whether you’re a baby boomer or millennial, you are most likely surrounded by friends and family members who are always looking at their phones. Many of those people are also “over-sharers,” who feel the need to document every trivial moment of the day.

If you do that too, you should realize that this behavior could have serious, negative repercussions on a personal injury case, either yours or a loved one’s. If the time comes when you are ever seriously injured and want to seek compensation, you can use your injuries as an opportunity to take a lengthy break from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Takata airbag recall expanded…again

At this point, it may seem like there are no more vehicles that can take part in the Takata airbag recall, the largest recall in automotive history. However, in January the company announced that it is adding 3.3 million vehicles to the mammoth undertaking.

Overall, the recall covers 19 automakers and 42 million vehicles. It concerns faulty inflators in the vehicle’s airbag, which can cause a metal canister inside to heat up and explode through the airbag when it deploys, shooting pieces of metal shrapnel toward the driver and passengers. So far, the faulty inflators have killed 20 people.

Stay safe on the roads this holiday season

Is it Christmas yet? Almost! Most of us look forward to the holiday season with great anticipation. Seeing family members, enjoying Christmas movies, shopping and attending parties is a great way to close out the year.

For some people, however, the holiday season can be quite stressful because of the planning and travel involved. For others, it can end in sadness because of an avoidable car accident that caused serious injuries or the death of a loved one.

Study: ‘Infotainment’ systems contributing to distracted driving

In-car technology has come so far in just a short time that it seems like we can do almost anything in our cars while we’re driving. According to a new study, however, this “convenient” new technology comes with the increased risk of distracted driving.

The study, conducted by AAA, examined the amount of time it takes drivers to perform tasks using new voice, touch screen and other new technologies. These tasks include features that auto makers like to highlight like sending text messages, programming navigation and accessing social media.

Why you shouldn’t talk to the insurance company alone

If it’s clear after a car accident, or any type of accident, that you were not at fault, you can expect the insurance company for the negligent driver or party to contact you and offer you a settlement.

You should be wary of this offer. This settlement offer will often be far lower than what you deserve. This is why it is so important that you do not talk to the insurance company alone.

Can a drunk driver’s passenger recover damages after an accident?

If a drunk driver causes an accident in which the passenger riding in the car is injured, is the passenger entitled to recovery for damages, or should the passenger have known not to even get in the car in the first place? Here in Pennsylvania as in many other states, this concept of “comparative negligence” may affect a lawsuit and how much compensation an injured passenger can recover.

Comparative negligence explained

OSHA: Finger injuries among most common in Pennsylvania

Workplace injuries can happen in any occupation, even serious ones. According to recent data made available by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), when it comes to “severe” injuries, Pennsylvania workers are most at risk of serious finger injuries.

For the purposes of this data, OSHA, the federal workplace safety agency, defines a “severe injury” as an amputation, loss of an eye or an injury requiring hospitalization. In 2015 and 2016, employers across Pennsylvania reported a total of 1,595 severe injuries. Of those, 28 percent involved injuries to or the loss of fingers and fingernails.

Apple announces new ‘do not disturb while driving’ mode

Our blog has written extensively about distracted driving and the dangers that smartphone usage poses to drivers and passengers on Pennsylvania highways and city streets here in Lancaster. The federal government and smartphone and car manufacturers have all faced criticism for failing to take more concrete action to curb smartphone usage while driving.

That changed earlier this month, when Apple announced that an upcoming version of its operating system for iPhones will feature a new “do not disturb while driving” mode. When engaged, the mode will stop all incoming notifications. For incoming texts, the phone will send an automatic reply to the sender letting them know that the recipient is currently driving.

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